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The autumn of the leaf is understand.Probably take charge of empty diagram because the Ran just delivers a formal invitation ground for oneself winter night.His in the mind beats what kind landlord idea?
The leaf autumn in the mind didn't blend into two greatest households self-contradictly viewpoint.Can if department empty the diagram consider as the soft persimmon to oneself and knead.That no wonder that oneself.
The west door didn't see a leaf toward the east affectation for autumn sink"he hold party to contain a special feature, is before can'ting expose an evening party topic.Give to be subjected to invitation ground a kind of mysterious feeling to guest and fancy.It is said that the effect is very good, many people with receives a department empty diagram ground invitation for glory."
"The department of now empty household and west household in the door compare, how is real strenght?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to ask a way.
"Don't underrate the influence that the department gets empty household.When British ruled Hong Kong, take charge of empty household with borrow and the good comity of British, develop extremely fast fierce.Even at several, the development is the biggest Hong Kong household.Department's getting empty the uncle of diagram is the last governor of province CHRISTOPHERFRANCISPATTEN of all English period and have the care of Hong Kong soil emperor of this those early years, department empty the household does anything nature is with the wind with the current, 100 don't have scruples about."
Took a bottle ground red wine in end Kaifeng in the wall cabinet that is in the room doorway toward the east in the door of the west, personally use to open the wine machine opens its Ning and give respectively leaf for autumn and oneself after pouring one cup then walk to the leaf autumn the opposite sofa sit in seat of honor down and immediately after say:"English after governing to end, department get empty the scene of household to also dim down a while.Just because the booming development in those early years and count person's vein of 10-year backlog, other households don't dare to beat their ideas as well.Even if is the asylum that had no British now, who can know and have how many councilmans are ground guest of honors in their houses?"
Listenned to west a door eastward explanation, leaf autumn in the mind on the contrary interrogative.Says empty diagram of department to invite oneself to is the energy that experiences him in the past?Words like that, this party is still pretty interesting.
"Like this say to come, this Yan I still don't leave for can not."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile."I also start being getting more interested in to the party landlord of the tonight."
Didn't°yet to have supper for time, Tang Guo, Lin Bao Er, west shallow language in the door they know a department empty the diagram hair come to the business of formal invitation.
Tang Guo just and leaf the autumn became that good matter and on the contrary had some to put not to open hand and foot at the leaf autumn in front.Although west shallow language in the door superficially covers up ground best, but the in the mind still have 1 to summarize briefly, so the performance stimulates ground most is Lin Bao Er.
"The autumn of the leaf, I can tell you, tonight's party I must go."Wood
Wear a leaf ground for autumn arm, threaten to say.A different idea to you I bite this afternoon drive leaf the autumn abandon and have already made the Lin Bao Er spoilt daughter of a rich family very dissatisfied.
The autumn of the leaf ordered to nod and said:"Go, you go."
"Xi Xi promises?"Lin Bao Er is fat ground the small face smiled to bloom a while.
"Yes.You go.I in the evening some matters, may walk not to open."
"You this dead leaf autumn, bastard, leaf, autumn, I know that you have no well heart.You don't go, with what make me go to?I refuse stubborn."Lin Bao Er flustered and frustratedly the way of Rang Rang.
"The somebody else delivered invitation, always have to have a representative pass by."The autumn of the leaf looking at Lin Bao Er and makes it lively for ground to say very much:"If you would not like to go to a ground of words, I draw out time to go over and have a look."
"Good.We go together."Lin Bao Er embraces a leaf autumn ground the arm say.
"I also want to go."Tang Guo says.
West shallow language in the door ashamed opinion in autumn for consulting a leaf, but is ruthlessly stared own elder brother west door to several eastern eyes, west the door nod to promise to the east.
The Ran tooks a look winter night public, say:"Do you all go?I think that don't you go, the department empty diagram makes people send to my assistant to the formal invitation where side, just the assistant beats and calls words, I make her return unique.

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